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                       FINDING FINANCE THE MODERN WAY.



                    NON BANK LENDING is ALTERNATIVE FINANCE and the modern way of raising business finance.

                                This is also called Market Based Lending .

                              ONLINE SINCE Dec 27th 2012

'Market Lending' to Businesses,projects and individuals.

Non Bank Lending is beginning to grow fast in the U.K. In America it is pretty well established and in Europe it is beginning to get into the mainstream of financing.Worldwide it is developing as more Companies and individuals look to raise finance without going to the banks.

£2 billion has been raised by peer 2 peer and crowdfunding in the last 12 months.

It seems to be common thought in the financial papers that the main banks will reduce their commercial lending by 20%.This is actually beginning to get common practice now as the banks start to transfer their lending to mortgages allowing commercial lending to contract.New regulation are making banks think how they do business reqiring alernative ways of finance to develop.

During 2014 commercial lending by mainstream banks is still contracting as they hold capital. 

It is however noticable that the banks are now investing through platforms of p2p and this is escalating fast.These sums are large by any means and are often starting at                     £250 million

For Business loans Microfinance,Find Finance

The European Union has just issued a green paper to assist crowdfunding to grow and fill the gap left by the main lenders.They seem to have taken up the baton and are now running with it.It will be interesting to see the results of their decision.

Many forms of lending including peer 2 peer and crowdfunding come under the regulator the F.C.A. http://www.fca.org.uk/ from April 1st 2014.

Investment advice must only be from an advisor registered with the F.C.A http://www.fca.org.uk

ELTIFS.Are you a High Net worth Individual ? Have you at least £100,000 to put into investments and to be able to put a minimum £10,000 or 10% of your capital  into a ELTIF.These are new funds authorised by the E.U. for long term investments(social housing ,hospitals,schools,research and development,infrastructure amongst them).They will become  fully authorised by 9th Dec 2015.

We will be setting up a website http://www.EltifsinThe.eu/  soon to enable you to register to be informed when these types of Funds are available to invest in.

These types of funds are for high net worth individuals,insurance funds,pension funds and similiar types of funds to invest in .

Eligability will be required to be checked  to be able to invest in them.

Any Finance Director or those in charge of finance should now be studying alternative funding even if they do not take it up yet.There will be a day when they will need it.

In the U.K. it is coming under the auspicies of the Financial Conduct Authority in 2014.There by bringing it under the control of financial regulation as required by the industry.

As the generations grow up then they start to look for other ways of finding and obtaining things as the internet grows with them.Non bank lending is being underestimated in its growth as competitors to the main banks and when they wake up to the fact then the market share of non bank lending will already be immense.

The British Government stated today that they want British business to look at other forms of lending and non bank lending being at the top.Within the U.K. most lending has been by established banks.This is changing ,for many reasons and companies are now looking at other ways of raising finance.

Today it was stated that the Irish Finance Ministry in Dublin wants to set up the area as a main base for non bank lending throughout the European Union.It is a top priority for them.


As the regulations on new finance come into operation in April 2014 some of it is becoming visible.

It is stated that funding platforms will have to inform investors that their investment within one type of investment should be a maximum 10% of their investment pot.

As most experienced investors work on a 10% maximum in any investment field this is only common sense.

Setting up in business is easy for most people .Surviving and becoming successful is hard.Setting up in business.

Peer to Peer and Crowdfunding it is believed will come under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority http://www.fca.org.uk/ in the U.K from 2014.


Ms Horlick , a financial expert in asset management has raised £150,000 in 22 hours on a crowdfunding platform to set up a asset management company to invest in hollywood films.

As we progess through 2013 there are many platforms setting up to offer Peer to Peer or Crowdfunding and we expect this to grow continually.Some will serve different parts of the financial markets , however it is important that the Financial Regulators seriously look at this part of the market and bring it under some type of supervision as it is growing very fasy and involves substantial amounts of money now.It will develop into a substantial financial machine.

The site will cover non bank lending such as Microfinance,Peer to Peer,Crowd Funding Angel Investing and many others.

WE do not advise you with regards to your investments at this moment.All investor advice should be given by an F.C.A accredited Advisor.

Microfinance / Micro loans in the U.K.  Microfinance,Find Finance  Microfinance is a way of borrowing finance to pay off a debt or to enable you to buy equipment to start your own business or to increase your income.Find Finance is another way which is covered by  community finance.

Community Development Finance Institution   http://www.cdfa.org.uk/


For companies that are looking for finance through their Invoices there is a modern platform that enables you to do this.   Invoice Financing also for those looking for invoicing using a QC code go to  invoice financing payments                              Invoice Financing/payment

Fredericks Foundation  http://www.FredericksFoundation.org/ is a charity based finance foundation.

Community Foundation U.K.   http://ukcommunityfoundation.org/

Within Europe there is Jessica, the Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas   http://www.Jessica.Europa.eu/ 


SETTING UP IN A BUSINESS  Setting up in business.

For those looking to START A BUSINESS there is http://www.startuploans.co.uk    This is Government funded with a mentor attatched.

Enterprise Loans for Coventry and Warwickshire  http://www.enterpriseloans.org/

Finance East.  http://www.thefsegroup.com/    Regional funding covering Essex,Suffolk,Norfolk,Cambridgeshire,Bedfordshire,and Hertfordshire.

When investing it is always advisable to seek advice from an advisor registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.   http://www.fca.org.uk/

For BUSINESS LENDING which has to be Secured Peer to Peer/Crowdfunding


This is for individual investors to invest in new companies ,in established projects or individuals raising finance for new businesses        Peer to Peer/Crowdfunding

A new site backed by Donald Trump is http://www.FundAnything.com/


Square taking payments go to http://www.squareup.com/

 Social Impact Funds are beginning to fill the gap in societies requirements as present and future  Governments are unable to fill these as they used to.

SOCIAL IMPACT FUNDS are a developing way of raising funds for local projects that will benefit Society in the long term.

Although it is fairly new concept it will develop into a substantial way of raising funds on a commercial basis  for long term projects. Social Impact Funds.

In some fund raisings they will issue Impact Investment Bonds rather than equity within the fund.

This site is being sponsored by RETAILBONDS.co.uk

Assisting Businesses to be Sucessful  http://www.RetailBonds.co.uk        Bonding Companies to Investors, Investors to Companies.

Retail Bonds are a form of raising Capital, by issuing Retail Bonds being a form of debt wich can replace Bank Debt.Retail Bonds are quoted on the London Stock Exchange Platform for Retail Bonds.

We are based in the West Midlands in the U.K. .To contact us email me Christopher@sustainablebanking.com  Thankyou.